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[03/04/2020 | No comment]

I was recently interviewed for the New Statesman about the effect the Covid-19 crisis will have on the Social Care system.

With all the rightful focus on the NHS, social care hasn’t had the attention it desperately needs. We’ve got to stop seeing the NHS and social care separately. The chancellor was right to say we’ll do whatever it takes and give whatever resources the NHS needs. But unless you have a properly functioning social care system the NHS is not going to be able to work properly.

You can read the full article here

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, developing countries are now at serious risk. Many of these countries do not have developed healthcare systems or access to basic facilities to enable people to regularly wash their hands, both of which are essential for dealing with the pandemic. 

That is why I have joined over 200 MP’s in asking the Prime Minister to show leadership in supporting developing countries, including by committing financial and political backing to the UN’s $2billion Global Humanitarian Response Plan for Covid-19, scaling up public health promotions in developing countries, championing and funding locally-led humanitarian responses to ensure communities have access to everything they need, and supporting the UN Secretary Generals call for a global ceasefire.

You can read the full letter here.

[31/03/2020 | No comment]
In line with recent government advice about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) my office will now be closed to the public and my team will be working from home.
As your MP I will do everything I can to help our community during this very difficult time, both locally and in Westminster. I am in regular contact with the city council, NHS, local police and a range of other statutory and voluntary bodies and will update my website with further information whenever I can.
By pulling together to support one another, and especially the most vulnerable, I know we will get through this crisis and come out the other side.
Please keep up to date with the latest Government guidance on Coronavirus here.
[31/03/2020 | No comment]
I’m really concerned that Parliament has gone into Easter recess, at a time of national crisis. Whilst of course MPs must lead by example and follow all the official advice, including on social distancing, it is vital that we continue to scrutinise the Government and hold Ministers to account for their actions. Ultimately I believe this will lead to better decision making that will help our country through this inevitably difficult time.
Ministers are asking the country to work in very different ways during this crisis, and Parliament needs to do the same. That is why I have joined over 100 MPs in asking the Clerk of the House of Commons to move Parliament online for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. You can read the full letter here.
As an example of this, I am very pleased that the Treasury Select Committee has held its first ever remote evidence session via Zoom, with the Trade Union Congress and Confederation of British Industry. The session looked at the action the Government has taken so far to support businesses, employees and the self-employed and what more should be done in future. You can watch our session here.
[30/03/2020 | No comment]

I am very concerned about the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for care workers, as well as NHS staff.

On Wednesday 25th March, the Prime Minister promised that care homes would have their PPE “by the end of the week” (see here).

However, when my team and I contacted a number of local care homes on Friday 27th March we found that around half had not received any PPE and many of those who had received deliveries of masks still lack vital equipment such as gloves and alcohol hand gel.

I have written to the Health Secretary to urge him to clarify  as a matter of urgency what equipment care homes will be provided with, and when they will receive it. The government must act now to keep all our front line care workers safe.

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