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Liz comments on Archbishops social care report


At its best, social care is about ensuring that every older and disabled person can live the life they choose, in the place they call home, with the people they love, doing the things that matter to them most. 

This week a much needed report was published by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York – “Reimagining Care” – offering a refreshingly different take on the future of social care particularly at a time when the challenges we face have been laid bare for all to see. 

The Commissioners step back to reimagine what care should be like, to rethink the roles of the state, individuals, and communities and to reform support – with recommendations in line with Labour’s aim of returning power to those who matter most – the people who rely on care and their families.

Put simply, social care is—or should be—about ensuring that every older and disabled and person can live life to the full. This bold report outlines some of the short and long term reforms that could finally make this vision a reality.

The report was covered in the Guardian newspaper in which I was quoted. You can read the piece in full here.