Keir Starmer spells out Labour’s growth mission for the country

In a major speech, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has spelt out how Labour’s growth mission will improve the lives of families across the country.

It comes as analysis reveals that, on current trajectories, the UK will be poorer per person than Poland by 2030, and by both Hungary and Romania by 2040.

In his speech, Keir Starmer laid out how higher growth will be passed straight to families – meaning people feel better off, high streets are a source of pride again, public services improve and there are opportunities available all across the country.

Built on the foundation of strong fiscal rules that will ensure the country never again sees the economic chaos caused by the Tories’ kamikaze budget, Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan will provide the investment that will see jobs, opportunity and wealth spread across the country.

Through a new offer on skills training, a modern industrial strategy and the party’s Make Brexit Work plan, Keir Starmer made clear that Labour already has a credible, long-term plan which represents the determination of our party to create more wealth.