5,500 fewer older people are getting vital home adaptations

IMG_2743My nationwide survey of local councils shows that 5,500 fewer people are getting home adaptations like handrails, ramps and stairlifts compared to 2010 – that’s a cut of 12%. These adaptations are a lifeline for older and disabled people, helping them to stay living independently at home and preventing painful falls and fractures.

Fewer home adaptations, alongside the lack of other services in the community, means increasing numbers of frail, elderly people are ending up in A&E and getting stuck in hospital when they don’t need to be there.  This causes huge distress for them and their families and it’s a false economy because taxpayers end up paying extra for more expensive hospital care.

This is just one example of the way in which services are going backwards under the Tories, despite their promises. I’ve given a major speech setting out their failure, Labour’s plan for putting it right – and the choice that we all face in health and social care at next year’s General Election.

You can read my full speech via the link below – and see coverage of my home adaptations story in the Sun, Telegraph and Mail.

Liz Kendall The Choice speech 7th Aug 2014