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Liz meets family carers



I went to an event at New Parks Youth and Community Centre organised by the Multiple Sclerosis Society where I met Amit, his wife Martine and their two sons Ethan and Keelan.

Amit was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and he’s now in the secondary progressive stage of the condition. Martine takes on most responsibility for looking after her husband but Ethan and Keelan also help out at home, for example taking Amit his medicines in the morning and helping with the cleaning and gardening.

No-one has ever asked Martine whether she or her children need practical or emotional help. When the Government’s Care Bill was in the House of Commons I pressed for votes to put a legal duty on GPs, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities to identify carers of all ages so they can get the right advice and support. Ministers said this wasn’t necessary, and we lost the vote.

However, talking to Ethan, Keelan, Martine and Amit shows me the Government is wrong. I will continue to press for more support for carers in Leicester and in Westminster, to make sure they get the support they deserve. You can read more about this issue here.