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I was first elected as the Labour MP for Leicester West on May 6th 2010, and I am currently serving as Shadow Minister for Social Care.

I have spent my life trying to help make our society fairer and our public services better. As Director of the Ambulance Service Network – the national organisation that represents all NHS ambulance services – I worked with NHS staff and patients’ groups to make sure everyone gets the best possible urgent and emergency care. As Director of the Maternity Alliance charity, I campaigned to improve maternity and paternity pay and leave, to give parents more rights to flexible working, and to provide better health services and childcare for new parents and their babies.

I’ve worked for two ‘think-tanks’: the Institute for Public Policy Research, where I was the Associate Director for health, social care and children’s early years; and the King’s Fund, where I was a researcher on the public health programme focusing on tackling local health inequalities.

I was also an adviser to two members of the cabinet when Labour was in Government, helping to develop and implement our social and economic policies.

Leicester is a fantastic city with a thriving, diverse community. I am proud and honoured to represent the people of Leicester West as your Member of Parliament.


I believe MPs should always serve the people they seek to represent, and be open and accountable to local people.

I didn’t come into politics for myself. For me, politics has always been about helping make life easier and fairer for ordinary people. As the MP for Leicester West I want to help bring even more changes here. I can’t promise I will solve every problem in this area – and you wouldn’t believe me if I did! But I can promise I will always work hard for you, stand up for you and be on your side.

As your MP I will:

1) always put local people first

  • I will run a fully staffed local office that’s open to the public 5 days a week
  • I will hold regular surgeries across the whole constituency and in my office
  • I will have meetings with local organisations and community groups

2) be open and accountable

  • I will provide regular updates for my constituents, so you know what I’m doing in our community and in Parliament
  • I will hold public meetings with local residents on issues that matter to you
  • I will publish my expenses, including online (click here for my annual expenses. You can find details of all my expenses in Leicester and Westminster by clicking here)

3) be a full time MP

  • I won’t look for, or take, any other paid job outside Parliament
  • I will continue to live in Leicester West, as I do now

DECLARATION OF PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE’S INTERESTS (based on guidance from the Ministry of Justice)

Name of candidate:  Liz Kendall
Constituency: Leicester West
Political party: The Labour Party
Date of publication of declaration: 20 April 2010

Category and relevant interests

(a) Other paid jobs and whether I intend to continue to hold them, if elected
Nothing to declare

(b) positions of responsibility in some types of organisation, even if unpaid, and whether I intend to continue to hold them, if elected.
Nothing to declare

(c)(i) Directorships, and whether I intend to continue to hold them, if elected.
Nothing to declare

(c)(ii) Clients, and whether I intend to continue to advise them, if elected.
Nothing to declare

(c)(iii) Land and property, and whether I intend to continue to hold this, if elected.
Nothing to declare

(c)(iv) Shareholdings, and whether I intend to continue to hold these, if elected.
Nothing to declare

(d) Tax matters
I confirm that, for the tax year 2008/09, I have not claimed to be, or been treated as, not resident, not ordinarily resident or non-domiciled in the UK for tax purposes.

(e) Any other interests which I consider relevant
I am a member of the Unite trades union, the Fabian Society and the Co-Operative Party.


  • Beth Smith said:

    Fantastic website – enjoyed reading the pledges & articles. Way to go Liz.

  • eilys said:

    Seems to be a pleasant considerate person who hopefully will work hard for the local community support the area and be available to all sections

  • Herbie Singh said:

    Hi Liz,

    Reading through your website I believe that you have lots to offer the people of Leicester and that you are sincere in terms of your goals, both party and personal. How can I get more involved with your local campaign post election please?


    Herbie Singh

  • Mandy Cochrane said:

    Hi Liz

    Wishing you all the very best for today. Lets keep the tory seats to a minimum. We need a bit of a miracle today, does not bare thinking about if we lose this election.

    You have a hard act to follow, I found your predesessor to be enlightened, empathetic, erudite, committed, honest and hardworking-big shoes to fill!

    Kindest regards


  • Rob said:

    As someone who follows politics and like the overwhelming majority of people disillusioned with how so many MP’s ar completely out of touch with the real world its nice to see an MP that genuinely cares about ordinary people rather than only themselves and the privileged in society. I just wish more MP’s were like Liz and in touch with everyday concerns of people rather than just life in the inner sanctuary of westminster!.


  • Tony Shelley said:

    I’ve had nothing but very good responses from Liz Kendall and her local office. If there’s been a delay in answering a question or rnquiry, I’ve always had an apology. I wish both Liz Kendall and her local team all good wishes for the coming years

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