Author: Susie Burpee

Liz in the news

Liz is interviewed by ITV News

The only person responsible for Boris Johnson’s downfall is him. The Tory Party want to blame everybody else. They attended the parties when the rest of us couldn’t. They backed people who were lobbying on behalf of companies. They backed people even when they were under investigation for sexual misconduct. […]


Liz is interviewed by ITV Central after the Budget

Despite the biggest hit to living standards on record, the only people getting a permanent tax cut from this Budget are the richest 1%.   With our economic growth downgraded yet again, we need to turbo charge the economy in every part of our country.   Watch my interview above […]


Liz responds to the Budget

After crashing our economy – and with soaring mortgages, rents and energy bills – this Budget was a chance to get our country back on track. Instead, we learn growth has again been downgraded, real wages will be lower in 2026 than they were in 2010, and the hit to […]


Liz pays tribute to all the menopause warriors!

With International Women’s Day tomorrow I had the chance today to pay tribute to the Menopause Warriors – all the individuals and organisations who’ve forced this issue up the agenda, including Carolyn Harris, the Labour MP for Swansea East. It was her private members bill that made Ministers finally agree […]


Liz addresses Care Career Conference

I was delighted  to speak at Hallmark Care’s career conference this afternoon attended and watched by hundreds of young students learning about the career paths available to them. After addressing the students, I joined a panel with Sarah, Charlie, Chelsea and Courtney – four brilliant young people working in care […]