Backing Better Health Services for Beaumont Leys

DSCF6595When it comes to health services, one size doesn’t fit all. This was very clear at my recent visit to Beaumont Leys GP practice. The team I met are working really hard to address the specific needs of their patients, who are younger and less well-off than the patients seen by a typical GP practice.

34% are under 18, compared to an average 21% for other GP practices in England. The Beaumont Leys practice also has the second highest deprivation score in the city. These factors lead to a different set of health challenges – breathing and heart problems, substance and alcohol abuse and mental health issues are all more common.

The practice management raised concerns with me about the way Government funds GPs. They said not enough emphasis is placed on deprivation. Despite the challenges, the staff I met showed a real commitment to the patients they serve and I’ll be doing all that I can to back them up and to improve health care for patients in Beaumont Leys and across my constituency.