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Boosting young people’s aspiration and achievements

The reason I came into politics is to help make sure everyone has the chance to fulfil their potential. Giving young people the best start in life, through a great education, is absolutely central to this and I’m doing everything I can to back the efforts of local Heads, teachers, pupils and the City Council to make even more improvements in Leicester West’s schools.

That’s why on Friday 15th March I hosted a meeting of primary and secondary schools and De Montfort University to discuss how we can help more children go on to higher education. The head teachers and DMU Vice Chancellor Dominic Shellard agreed to a range of activites, including DMU students helping mentor pupils such as through the “right to read” programme, running ‘taster’ sessions at DMU, and working with parents so they know the benefits and financial help that’s available for their children to go to university.