Brilliant Leicester, brilliant Eddie

Eddie Izzard – my favourite comedian – came to campaign in Leicester today. We took him through town meeting people from across the city and the East Midlands. Loads of people came up to say ‘well done’ for his Sport Relief marathon running (he ran 43 marathons in 51 days – can you believe it?!), have their photograph taken, or ask for an autograph.

Eddie is a big Labour supporter, and his recent Brilliant Britain video explains why he’s voting Labour on May 6th. He doesn’t think everything is perfect – there’s lots more we need to change to make Britain an even better place. But Eddie points out that real improvements have been made, and says we can’t put these changes – or the future of our economy and public services – at risk by letting the Tories in.

We met lots of Labour supporters, but one of the best things Eddie did was explain to people who aren’t sure about how to vote on May 6th that Labour will give people more of a say in electing their MP, by holding a referendum on introducing the Alternative Vote system for general elections within a year. AV means voters can rank candidates in order of preference. So even if their first preference candidate doesn’t get the most votes, their second and third preferences would count towards who’s elected as their MP.

Everyone we spoke to thought this was a great idea. People want to have their say, and for their vote to count. So that’s another good reason to vote Labour on May 6th!