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British Gas Announces Potential Redundancies

British Gas Business has announced that it wants to move offshore around 300 jobs from its sites on Spinneyside and Aylestone Road. This news comes as a devastating blow for many of our constituents, at a time when the local economy is really struggling as unemployment is high and living standards are being squeezed.

On the 4th April, I met with representatives of Unison, the Trade Union at British Gas, and on the 20th April, I met with British Gas bosses. I now intend on working with all parties, including neighbouring MPs, to try and secure the best possible deal for those affected. I made clear my opposition to these proposals but if they go ahead, I’ll be pressing British Gas to do all that they can to minimise the impact. In particular, I’m urging them to redeploy as many of their staff as possible and to offer voluntary redundancies so as to reduce the number of people forced out of work. If you’re affected, please do get in touch.