The Prime Minister fined for breaking covid rules

Last week Boris Johnson became the only Prime Minister in British history to be found guilty of breaking the law. On Tuesday he made a statement to the House of Commons on the fines issued to himself and the Chancellor as a result of attending an illegal gathering in Westminster.

His mealy-mouthed apology will have offered little comfort to those families in Leicester West who sacrificed so much to follow the rules. You can see the Leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, respond to the Prime Minister’s statement in the video above or read his response here.

Labour will force a vote this week on allowing a cross-party committee to investigate whether the Prime Minister misled Parliament about breaking covid rules. Conservative MPs should put the country first, and vote to support an investigation. You can see the motion Labour have tabled on this here

The Labour Party is clear. Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson. It’s time to bring decency, honesty and integrity back to our politics. The Prime Minister is not fit to govern. He must resign.