Campaign continues to stop unfair gas meter charges

[25/06/2014 | No comment]

My campaign to stop energy companies charging people for gas meters that they don’t use continues.

On Friday 20 June, the regulator Ofgem published an open letter where they finally accepted what my constituents have been telling me: that it is wrong and unfair that people should have to pay a standing charge when they’re not receiving any gas, and that they also shouldn’t have to pay for the removal of their meter.

This is welcome – but Ofgem have also said that this only applies to “vulnerable customers”, such as those who may have trouble switching to other suppliers. I’ve written to the head of Ofgem to tell him that if these charges are wrong and unfair for some people, then they’re wrong and unfair for everyone. I’ve asked him what action Ofgem will take, and when, to put an end to these bills.

I’ll keep you updated with developments. The campaign will go on until the problem is sorted out and all these unfair charges are removed.

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