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I recently spoke in a Westminster Hall Debate to mark ‘World Social Work Day 2021’. I thanked the 100,000 social workers in the UK, including the 320 in Leicester, for their hard work, passion and commitment to supporting people in our communities. 

Social workers have faced huge additional pressures during the pandemic which have added to the challenges brought about by a decade of cuts to council budgets totalling £8 billion. The Government must better support social workers and the people they support. I talked about 3 important ways it can do this.  

First, the Government must act to tackle the disgraceful rates of poverty in our country which mean a staggering 40% of children in parts of Leicester West are growing up poor. We know that most parents in poverty are doing their very best, but for those who are already struggling, poverty can make things so much harder.  

Second, the Government must finally act on the unacceptable level of people with learning disabilities and autism living in hospital settings due to a lack of community care.  

Finally, over 18 months since he promised he had a plan for fixing adult social care, the PM must now bring forward his proposals for social care reform.  

Social workers will know all too well the impact of the Government’s failures in each of these areas. They deserve better.

You can read my full speech here or watch it here

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Yesterday I spoke in a Westminster Hall Debate on Social Care and the Social Care Workforce. I argued that reforming social care is one the biggest challenges facing our generation. The pandemic has brutally exposed the flaws in our social care system which is undervalued and underfunded. Reform is badly needed for those who need social care and those who work within it.  

We often hear about the costs of reforming social care, but the costs of not reforming the system are just as important. Investing in social care is not just the right thing to do for the millions of people that are not getting the care or support they need; it also has the potential to create jobs across the country and drive our economic recovery. If we really want to level up, social care is where we should start. This is why it was so disappointing that social care was ignored at the last Budget.

The Government are saying that because of the pandemic, now is not the right time to reform social care. I disagree. I think that it is precisely because of the pandemic and the flaws it has exposed in our social care model, that now is the time for reforms to give people hope that, after the horrors they have been through, there is a better system for the future. 

You can read my full speech here or watch it here.

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Today is Young Carers Action Day, an annual campaign, ran by Carers Trust to raise awareness about the UK’s 800,000+ young carers.  

This year’s focus is on the amazing skills young carers gain through caring – like resilience, time management and empathy – which are so valuable in higher education and the workplace. 

You can read more about the work of young carers here- Facts About Young Carers | The Children’s Society 

Information and support for young carers is available here- Help & Info – Carers Trust



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Yesterday evening I appeared on ITV Central to talk about the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and how it is a missed opportunity to take action on violence against women. 

Following the recent tragic death of Sarah Everard there has been a national demand for action to tackle violence against women. With this bill going through the House of Commons the government should put in place the long overdue protections for women against unacceptable violence, including action against domestic homicides, rape and street harassment.

We must tackle the misogynistic attitudes that underpin the abuse women face, but instead the Conservatives have brought forward a Bill that is seeking to divide the country. It is a mess, which could lead to harsher penalties for damaging a statue than for attacking a woman.

This is why Labour will be voting against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. 

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