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British Gas workers in Leicester are currently striking against threats from their parent company, Centrica, to fire staff and rehire them on worse terms.

89% of GMB members voted in favour of strike action, and I am proud to support them.

Issuing hard-working people with redundancy notices, then offering them new contracts on worse conditions, is totally wrong – Centrica must take these threats off the table, and come to a fair agreement alongside staff and the GMB Union.

Read more about GMB’s campaign online.

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Many care homes are reliant on staff from the European Union, and once we leave the EU it will be hard to cover these gaps.

Labour has been warning for months now about the risks posed to social care by the Government’s new immigration system, which come on top of long standing problems with high vacancy and turnover rates and the additional pressures of Covid-19.

Ministers must now set out a proper workforce strategy to secure hundreds of thousands more frontline care workers, including because of Brexit, so we have a decent care system all parts of the country.

Read more in The Sunday Times.


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Following the Chancellor’s Spending Review, I appeared on Peston to discuss the main announcements. The Government is hitting those on the lowest incomes, with a public sector pay freeze and £20/week cuts to Universal Credit.

The Chancellor needs to reprioritise, and focus on building jobs and growth in every part of the country.

Watch the full show at

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Today I met with the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, following concerns of worker exploitation in Leicester’s textile factories. IWGB work across a wide range of areas to represent mostly low-paid and migrant workers, and areas of the workforce that have been under-unionised and under-represented for too long.

We discussed the barriers facing trade union membership among workers, and how we can overcome these. It is so important that workers are engaged with a trade union, so they can be empowered to speak up against issues like poor working conditions, minimum wage violations, and insecure employment contracts.

I look forward to working more with trade unions locally to end the exploitation of factory workers in Leicester’s garment industry.


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