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Today, we needed urgent action to tackle the cost of living crisis, support local businesses and get our economy firing on all cylinders.

Instead, my constituents will continue to struggle with the cost of the weekly shop and soaring energy bills, the Chancellor failed to sort out the supply chain mess or scrap business rates as Labour is calling for, and long term growth remains worryingly weak.

The truth is we now have the highest tax burden for 70 years, and it is working families who are paying the price. People are paying more but getting less because the Tories have presided over a decade of low growth and wasted billions of pounds of taxpayers money on a failing test and trace system and contracts with their mates. They are out of touch, out of ideas and they’ve left working people out of pocket.

Our city and country deserve so much better.


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Today I voted to stop fire and rehire. Issuing hardworking people with redundancy notices, then offering them new contracts on worse conditions, is totally wrong. Yet, since the first lockdown in March, almost 3 million workers have experienced this completely unfair practice. The Government could have voted to put a stop to this today. They chose not to. In Government, Labour would outlaw it.

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Trade unions expect there to be over 170,000 vacancies in social care by the end of the year. We are already facing a winter crisis in social care – this will make it worse.

Instead of hanging care providers out to dry, the Government must put in place a real, long-term workforce plan to stabilise the sector and give staff the pay, training and recognition they deserve.

Read more in the Mirror.

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It was lovely meeting with Yvie Woods, Paige Snow & Luc Honey who are doing Level 3 BTEC in Health & Social Care at New College Leicester. They are so passionate about their work and raised concerns about the lack of provision of proper infant CPR training to new parents in maternity wards.

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