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I’m pleased Boris Johnson has finally resigned. It’s the right decision for my constituents and the rest of the country.

But the truth is he should have gone a long time ago. His lies, broken promises and lack of basic decency and integrity have damaged Britain at home and abroad.
Whilst the Tories rip themselves apart and inflict chaos on the country, my constituents face a cost of living crisis.
People can’t pay their bills, rent or mortgages or afford the weekly shop. They can’t get a passport or driving licence, let alone an operation or an appointment to see their GP. And the Tories are scrabbling around like rats in a sack trying to save their own necks rather than sorting all these problems out. That’s before we even look at the bigger challenges Britain faces like climate change and global threats like that from Russia.
The Tories have been in government for 12 long years. They are all culpable for the mess we face.

As Keir Starmer has rightly said, changing one person at the top of the Tory party isn’t anywhere near enough. We need a change of government and a fresh start for Britain.

Read more in the Leicester Mercury.

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I wrote for the Yorkshire Post about what the Tories have got wrong with their so-called ‘reform’ to social care, and how Labour would fix it.

Under the Prime Minister’s plans, if you own a £1m home, more than 90 per cent of your assets are protected. If you own a home worth £100,000, you could lose almost everything.

That means that a homeowner living somewhere like Grimsby or Halifax would be at risk of losing two thirds of their assets if they needed care. Millions of working people are being asked to pay more tax, not to improve their family’s care, or stop their life savings being wiped out, but to protect the homes of the wealthy.

This working-class dementia tax is unfair, it’s wrong, and will not fix the very real issues facing social care today.

Read the full oped in the Yorkshire Post.

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As the Christmas holidays approach, I am very concerned that the Government have failed to learn lessons from the previous years about coronavirus in schools. I spoke on Politics Live yesterday about what needs to be done.

Right now, only 44% of 12-15 year-olds have received a first dose of the vaccine. We have seen almost 300,000 children out of school. And the number of children getting jabbed has dropped 80% since the start of November.

The Government must put in place a ‘Christmas vaccine guarantee’, to make sure all children get their first jab before schools return in January. They also need to take action on ventilation, and make sure children don’t miss out on learning.

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I, like many others, was outraged to learn of the party held in Downing Street at the height of lockdown.

Leicester was locked down for over a year. People made huge sacrifices to follow the rules, unable to say goodbye to their loved ones and spending Christmas apart from family and friends.

We now know Downing Street held Christmas parties, which the Prime Minister told the rest of us we couldn’t do. We’ve been lied to and laughed at and it’s a total and utter disgrace.

And this isn’t a one off. We’ve seen Boris Johnson’s adviser travelling to Barnard castle pretending he had a problem with his eyesight and his former Health Secretary breaking lockdown rules to have an affair.

The lies, cover ups and incompetence must end. The Prime Minister and the rest of the Tories are taking the public for fools. They are not fit to hold office.

Read more in the Leicester Mercury.

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