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Liz interviewed by BBC News on the Government's Withdrawal Agreement

Watch my interview on BBC News: Whether Theresa May wins or loses the vote of confidence in her leadership tonight, it's not going to change the fundamental problems with the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement

Posted by Liz Kendall on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

I was interviewed by BBC News about the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement ahead of the vote of confidence in the Prime Minister on 12 December.


There is no backing in Parliament for the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement, which would see us give up our say on rules that govern our lives. This isn’t what people were promised during the referendum. If we want to protect jobs and have no border in Northern Ireland, we need to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union.

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The Government’s Brexit agreement is not what people were promised, it’s a worse deal than we have now, and the uncertainty will go on for years to come.

You can watch my question to the Prime Minister about her agreement here.

You can also watch my interview on BBC news about why I’ll be voting against the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement here.

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Liz interviewed on Withdrawal Agreement

Watch: The Government’s Withdrawal Agreement is not what the British people were promised and is bad for the country. I will be voting against it

Posted by Liz Kendall on Thursday, 15 November 2018

After two years of chaos and confusion the Government has final published its Withdrawal Agreement from the EU.

The agreement fails to deliver on the promises that were made during the Referendum. No one voted for less control, or to be poorer.

You can watch my me discussing the Withdrawal Agreement on Sky News here and listen to me on BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour here.

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I signed an important amendment to the Finance Bill to force the Government to publish the economic impact assessment of its Withdrawal Agreement from the EU alongside a comparison to the deal we currently have and a “no deal” Brexit.

I was delighted that on 19th November the Government caved in to our pressure and pledged to make this information available before MPs vote on the Withdrawal Agreement.

You can read the debate on the Finance Bill here.

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