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There’s been more than 21,600 deaths from Covid-19 in care homes so far, and this week alone we saw a 46% increase in deaths. We are now in a race against time – the Government must leave no stone unturned to deliver on its promise to complete care home vaccinations by this Sunday.

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Yesterday I opened the General Debate on Covid-19 on behalf of the Labour Party. In this time, I raised the issue of the Government’s failure to act on social care, the pressures on carers, and the urgent need to vaccinate all care home staff and residents.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly failed to deliver promises to reform social care. While the vaccine may be a light at the end of the tunnel, we urgently need to see a plan to fix the sector. 

Read my speech online on Hansard.

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The last month has seen a really worrying increase in the pressure on care homes. We cannot protect our NHS if we don’t protect social care – and the Government must spell out what support they’re providing.

I’ve written for PoliticsHome about what the social care sector needs to make it through coronavirus, and beyond.

Read the article online.

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In the last month, infection rates in care homes have tripled. Care homes are also reporting staff absences of up to 40%, and the most recent weekly care home deaths are the highest they’ve been since May.

I asked the Secretary of State what extra support he is giving to the social care sector to manage these pressures.

I also asked whether he would publish the daily vaccination rate for care home staff and residents. The vaccine is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we need to know if the Government is on track to meet its target of vaccinating these groups by the end of January.

Read my question online.


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