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The latest report from the National Audit Office shows how the Government’s years of failure to get a grip on the social care crisis has left thousands without the help they need. This highlights what we have known for a long while – that long-term reform for social care is needed as an urgent priority. 

The Prime Minister promised to fix the crisis in social care on the steps of Downing Street in July 2019, but eighteen months later this plan is still nowhere to be seen. The Government must bring forward their plans for reforming social care, and ensure that these vital services get the support and resources they so desperately need.

Read more in The Guardian and the Mirror.

The full report is available online.

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I appeared on Sky News yesterday to reflect on one year since the first national lockdown was called. As we emerge from this pandemic, we need to look at how we can build a stronger and fairer economy. This means tackling important issues like poverty, inequality, and poor housing – all of which have been made worse by coronavirus. 
This lockdown has also made us take a step back to see what matters most – the relationships we have that make us human. Let’s not forget this as we move into the next few months and years ahead.
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I spoke to BBC Radio 4 Today about the urgent need for social care reform a year on from the start of the first lockdown. More than 31,000 care home residents have died from Covid-19 so far. This is a much higher proportion than in many other countries. As we look to build a better future for our country, we must address the flaws in the social care system and give social care the same level of priority as the NHS.

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It’s extremely disappointing that the Supreme Court came to this decision. Care workers do a highly skilled and difficult role and they should be paid fairly for every hour of the work they do.

Crucially, no care workers should see their pay fall as a result of this ruling and it is imperative that the Government and works with care providers and trade unions to ensure this is the case.

The long legal process that came before this judgement has shown the law around sleep in shifts is out of date, unfair and in urgent need of updating. This must form a part of the social care reforms we expect from Ministers later this year.

Read more on Sky News.


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