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The Prime Minister has finally announced that if MPs do not approve her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement by 12 March, Parliament will be given a vote on whether the UK leaves the EU without a deal and – if that is rejected – to request that Brexit day is delayed. This followed pressure from a cross-party group of MPs that would have forced the Prime Minster to request an extension to Article 50 to prevent no deal via my colleague Yvette Cooper’s Bill, which I co-sponsored.


I’m glad the Prime Minister has recognised that if she can’t get her bad Brexit deal through Parliament we will need to extend Article 50 to avoid a disastrous no deal Brexit. However, delaying Brexit day must be done for a purpose. On 26th February, I called on the Prime Minister to change her course and drop her red lines on the negotiations to break the Brexit deadlock.


I am proud to have supported multiple amendments to the Government’s motion on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, including an amendment from Alberto Costa MP that ensures the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU are protected even in the event of a no deal Brexit. I was pleased the Government responded to our pressure and accepted this amendment.


You can read more about the amendments here.

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Knife offences in Leicestershire have risen by 63% since 2010, yet we’ve been denied a share of £22 million funding from the Home Office’s Early Intervention Youth Fund to deliver crime prevention programmes with young people and tackle serious violence. In January I wrote to the Home Secretary to challenge this decision and call for some of the remaining £5 million of unallocated funds to be spent in Leicestershire.

On 4th February, Labour secured an Urgent Question on knife crime and I called on the Home Office Minister to give Leicester the resources we need to tackle this growing problem.

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The Government has finally published its draft Domestic Abuse Bill, two years after pledging to change the law. Whilst I welcome the steps the Bill will take to reform family courts and create a commissioner for tackling violence against women and girls, I have serious concerns about a number of key issues that have been excluded. The Bill fails to address how women in poverty are less likely to leave abusive relationships because of concerns about money and it doesn’t recognise how migrant women who have suffered domestic abuse are not able to access financial support and are much less likely to seek help because they fear deportation.

In addition, the Bill only covers England and Wales, preventing it from being used to address human rights issues for women in Northern Ireland who are currently denied access to abortion. On 30th January, I challenged the Home Office Minister about the failures in this Bill.

You can read more about domestic abuse and the draft Bill here.

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I am very concerned about the risks of Britain leaving the EU without a deal because of the huge uncertainty this will cause. For example, food and drink manufacturing companies employ around 1,200 people here in Leicestershire, and the Food and Drink Federation has warned that a no deal Brexit could cause serious disruption to “just in time” supply chains, increased red tape and costs for businesses, and rising prices for consumers. 

That’s why on Tuesday 29th January, I voted for a number of different motions that would stop a no deal Brexit. You can read my speech in Parliament here.

You can also listen to an interview I gave about Brexit to BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour here, and watch my interview on Sky news here.


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