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I appeared on BBC’s Newscast last week to discuss the last few months in politics. As Shadow Social Care Minister, I spoke about Boris Johnson’s promise to fix the crisis in social care – a promise he made over two years ago. Despite the Prime Minister saying he had a plan prepared, we are yet to see it. We have now been told we won’t see it before the autumn.
Any plan for funding social care must be fair for different generations and different incomes. Additionally, the plan must do more than cap the cost of care – even though this is important.
We need a ten-year plan for investment and reform, that puts social care services on a sustainable footing, and makes sure elderly and disabled people are able to live the life they choose.
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Today I spoke in a Westminster Hall Debate on behalf of the Labour Party on unpaid carers.  

I argued that in the century of ageing, we cannot build a better future for our country without transforming social care, and unpaid family carers must be at the heart of these plans. 

I also used the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Government’s rumoured plans for social care. A cap on care costs alone will not “fix the crisis in social care”. The test facing the Prime Minister is whether he will deliver a full plan to transform social care. After a decade of failure from this Conservative Government, nothing less will do. You can read my speech here or watch it here

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After more than a decade in power – and two years after the Prime Minister made a clear promise on the steps of Downing Street, we are still no closer to seeing a plan to ‘fix the crisis in social care.’

Every day the Government delays their plans for fixing the crisis in social care is another day that staff don’t get the pay and training they deserve, another day that thousands of people go without the basic help they need, to do things like get up, washed, dressed and fed, and another day that families are pushed to breaking point. Ministers must now put in place a ten-year plan for investment and reform that puts social care on a sustainable footing, and provides all older and disabled people with the dignity and security they deserve.

Read more on Huffington Post and in The Independent.

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Yesterday I appeared on BBC East Midlands Politics to talk about the big issues of the week. We discussed the July 19 re-opening, and football, and the rumours that the Prime Minister will bring forward his social care reform plans. As Shadow Social Care Minister, this is an important topic for me.

The newspapers are reporting the Government will introduce a cap on care costs, so people don’t have to sell their homes to afford care. However, after years of broken promises, a cap on care costs alone won’t go far enough.
We need a full plan to transform social care, and when the Prime Minister finally announces his plan to fix the crisis in social care it should not just deliver a cap, but a pay rise for care workers and support for famiies looking after their loved ones.

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