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This week I spoke on behalf of the Labour Party in a debate on Huntington’s Disease. Huntington’s is a devastating condition that has a huge impact on the mental health of those affected. Despite this, support services are too hard to access and there are significant staff shortages in the mental health workforce.

Labour has a plan to tackle this problem. We would recruit 8,500 more mental health professionals, funded by closing tax loopholes for private equity fund managers and removing the VAT exemption from private schools. That would give us the extra staff we need across the board, including for people suffering from Huntington’s disease and their families.

You can read my full speech here or watch it here.

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Earlier this week I voted on a motion to protect pensioner’s incomes. The Government abstained on this vote.

After the Tories crashed our economy, it is being reported they are now considering breaking the triple lock on pensions. This would rip up their manifesto promise to protect the triple lock and it would make life harder for the many pensioners in Leicester West who are struggling financially.

Pensioners should not pay the price for the tory economic crisis. You can see my comments on this issue here or watch them in the clip above. 

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The previous Conservative Health Secretary promised £500m social care discharge funding for this winter. But we are now in November and not a single penny of this money has been seen.

Tory political chaos and incompetence over the last few weeks means that local services cannot properly plan and thousands more elderly people are trapped in hospitals when they do not need to be, with all the knock-on consequences this has for the rest of the NHS.

The Tories are not giving our NHS or social care the support they need this winter.

Earlier this week I challenged the Government over the £500m social care discharge fund. I didn’t get an answer. You can read what I had to say here.

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Last week I spoke in Parliament in a debate on sickle cell disorder. Treatment and support of sickle cell disorder, which predominantly affects people in the BAME community, is not good enough.

A lack of awareness about the condition, along with discriminatory attitudes and inadequate training in parts of the health service leads to some awful outcomes for patients. I set out what the Government need to do to make this right.

I called on the Government to follow up on recommendations made in the excellent “No one is listening report” which looks at the failings in sickle cell care. But the key point I made is that if we want to improve outcomes for people with sickle cell disorder then we must give patients and their families far greater say and control over the support they receive. Giving people affected by the condition more influence over their treatment and the training of NHS staff will drive up standards and play an essential role in achieving the lasting change we want to see in sickle cell care.

You can read my speech here or watch it here

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