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I asked the Care Minister to start utilising the 157,000 spare tests currently unused to test families visiting care homes.

For many families, it has been eight months since they last saw their loved ones in person. A pilot scheme simply fails to understand the scale or urgency of the task, and the Government must take action to bring families back together before Christmas.

Read my full comments in Hansard.

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During a debate in Parliament last week, I called on the Government to learn lessons from the pandemic’s impact on people with dementia.

The majority of dementia patients are cared for in the community and in their own homes – and yet these care settings have not received the attention and priority that was needed during this pandemic. Home care workers need testing just like care home staff, and family carers need extra support to prevent them from burning out.

You can watch my speech online, or read it on Hansard.

[12/11/2020 | No comment]

During a debate in Parliament today, I once again called on the Government to take urgent action to ensure that all families can start safely visiting their relatives in care homes.

Labour has been calling for a single family member to be treated like a key worker and have access to regular testing since June. This is so important because, after 8 months of separation, many care home residents are fading fast.

A pilot isn’t good enough: we need action now. You can watch my speech here, or you can read it here.

[01/09/2020 | No comment]


The weekly testing of care workers is essential. We have seen more than 15,000 deaths from Covid-19 in care homes, and the winter and flu season is fast approaching.

The Government has already abandoned one testing deadline – they must not fail again.

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