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I was pleased to work with Clockwise Credit Union to celebrate International Credit Union Day. Clockwise do wonderful work supporting people in Leicester West and across the city. They are a lifeline for many people, especially during these challenging times. 

Their latest report shows how Clockwise has helped thousands of people manage their money and improve their financial skills – preventing many people from losing their homes and helping them feel less stressed about money.

Watch the full video online.

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Today I met with care services in Leicester and family carers to discuss what needs to be done to make sure all carers receive the support they need. We discussed what help is needed to identify carers, the additional respite breaks and support they need, and what institutional changes are needed to enable carers can help their loved ones.

If you have any experiences with unpaid care and would like to share them, please email me on {at} parliament(.)uk.

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This month’s column focuses on the fantastic work carried out by food banks in Leicester. I visited Christ the King Food Bank and Woodgate Community Food on National Food Bank Day, and spoke to them about the issues they’ve seen during lockdown.
The number of people claiming Universal Credit has doubled since lockdown began, and one in three employees in Leicester has been put on furlough. I am worried about what will happen as winter approaches and when the Government’s furlough scheme ends.
No one should have to rely on a food bank, and the Government need to do more to support families who count on them.
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Earlier this week I took part in an event set up by Leicester City Council as a part of their anti-poverty strategy to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on those experiencing poverty in the city. Other attendees included members of Feeding Leicester, a group I chair.

It was fascinating to hear the ideas shared by other attendees, as well as what they think has gone well during lockdown, and what can be learnt from.

I will continue to support the fantastic work done by Leicester City Council and the Feeding Leicester Group to support those in hunger.

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