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Council Elderly Care Home plans

[12/04/2013 | No comment]

Leicester City Council has announced big changes to the way they provide care services for older people (details can be found here).

These proposals would see the Council’s care homes sold or closed. They would also result in a £7 million investment in a new intermediate care facility providing extra short-term support, care and rehabilitation so elderly people don’t have to stay in hospital, or go into hospital or residential care, when they don’t need to.

I strongly support the Council’s plans to help people stay living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. This is what most elderly people I meet and speak to say they want.

However, independent living is not an option for many of the current residents in the Council’s homes. They and their families are understandably very anxious about what the Council’s proposals mean for them. 

It’s absolutely vital that residents and their families are properly listened to and fully supported throughout the consultation process and that the Council ensures – whatever the outcome – all care home residents get the very best quality of care.

I’ll continue to put the needs of my constituents at the centre of any future decisions and I’d strongly encourage anyone affected by these proposals to get in touch.

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