Debating the post-referendum challenges

Following the EU referendum result, I spoke at an Intelligence Squared event about where the UK goes from here.

I made the case that many people feel that they have been lied to about what Brexit means and are concerned there isn’t a plan. There is a huge responsibility on the Labour Party to hold the Conservative Government to account for its actions and deal with the underlying reasons why people voted to leave the EU: too many people feel left and left out and left behind in our globalised economy.

Our decision to leave the EU is likely to leave people in poorer areas facing further cuts to their public services and tax credits. The Labour Party has a historic mission to speak for those people and set out an alternative on the economy and issues like migration, which will actually deliver improvements to their lives.

You can hear the podcast from the event here: http://www.intelligencesquared.com/intelligence-squared-podcast/