Decision on gypsy and traveller site proposals

By now, you will have probably heard of the City Mayor’s decision to proceed with an authorised traveller site on Red Hill Way, containing up to 10 pitches, as well as a smaller then previously proposed site of up to 6 pitches on Greengate Lane.

Whilst I’m pleased that the City Mayor has dropped plans for a site on Beaumont Way and welcome the proposed review of the Multi Agency Traveller Unit, I know that many of my constituents remain very unhappy with this decision. That’s why I backed the Abbey and Beaumont Leys Ward Councillors, who used a formal process to get the decision debated by the full Council. This meant that every City Councillor got a free vote as to whether the planed sites should go forward. I wrote to each of them to stress the concerns of my constituents and you can read my letter here.

I know that Abbey and Beaumont Leys ward Councillors voted against the proposals alongside a few of their colleagues but at the end of the day, the majority of Councillors voted for them to go ahead. As such, they will now go forward to be considered under the planning process, where I’ll continue to press the concerns of my constituents.