Have you had your blood pressure checked?

[03/03/2011 | 1 Comment]

I recently attended an event in Parliament which aimed to raise awareness of the importance of getting your blood pressure checked, organised by the British Heart Foundation and Lloyds Pharmacy.

One in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure and many people aren’t aware they have the condition, which means they are increasing the chance of becoming seriously ill. Often dubbed ‘the silent killer’, high blood pressure can have no symptoms until the problem is severe. Left unchecked, it can lead to a stroke or heart attack; if untreated, in the long run it can also damage other organs such as kidneys and eyes.

Something as simple as a quick blood pressure check at your local pharmacy can stop someone from developing a serious health problem in the first place. I don’t get my blood pressure checked as often as I should, but I’m going to try harder in the future. I encourage my constituents to follow suit and take advantage of the convenient health services which are available in many of their local pharmacies.

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  • Tony Shelley said:

    Liz, I read this with very special interest. I’ve been on blood pressure medication since October 1977, when I was 23. The treatment I received at the now long gone Groby Road Hospital was first rate. I was in their care for nearly two weeks, and I was discharged with the knowledge that I could be on medication for life.

    In truth, I could have died after collapsing near the canal and a few hours later finding out my blood pressure was sky high. Therefore I would urge everybody to have regular blood pressure checks. It’s painless, and so much can be done these days to help people with Hypertension. Well done for highlighting this condition.

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