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Inspiring the next generation of young women


On 6th March I had the pleasure of being work shadowed by Mikaila Martin, a 12 year old pupil from Beaumont Leys School. Mikaila wants to be an MP, so I invited her to spend a day with me as part of International Women’s Day, the theme of which this year is “Inspiring Change.”

Mikaila and her brilliant assistant head teacher Paula Staley watched debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords, went on a tour of 10 Downing Street, joined a group of other students to discuss how to encourage more women to go into politics and had tea with the Speaker of the House of Commons. They also came to a policy event I was speaking at about building stronger communities.

Afterwards we went for a hot chocolate and Mikaila told me that she wanted to become a politician because she wanted to be able to make a difference to her local community. I am passionate about supporting and encouraging all young people in my constituency. If you’ve got children who would like to come to Parliament or shadow me in Leicester, please do let me know.