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Jack and his soapbox

[15/04/2010 | No comment]

Yesterday’s campaign was proper old school. Jack Straw, Labour’s Candidate for Blackburn and Justice Secretary, decided he wanted to lend us a hand and promptly turned up with his soapbox in Leicester City Centre.

Jack made a brief speech on Labour’s record, our manifesto, and the choice facing voters on May 6th. He then took questions for over an hour. People wanted to know about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, what’s happening to care homes locally and how we’re going to pay for long-term care nationally, what Labour is doing about immigration, our policies on education, how we’re going to help students….to name but a few!

Lots of people wanted to know Jack’s opinion, some wanted to make it clear how fed up and disillusioned they are with politics and politicians, and a few were just plain angry. Some people agreed with what Jack said, some wanted more information, and others vehemently disagreed. It was politics in action – voters and candidates, face to face, a real debate, no holds barred. Brilliant.

A quick trip back to the office to grab some balloons and stickers, and we were off again – to Caldecote primary to do a school gate session. I’ve written to parents about Labour’s plans to do even more to help families and to give children the best start in life, and to ask for their views – particularly about what more we should be doing to improve schools in this area. If you want to tell me what you think about this issue, please give me a ring or email me.

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