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Labour calls for VAT cut on home energy bills


Yesterday Liz voted, via her proxy, for Labour’s proposals to cut VAT on home energy bills that are set to soar over the coming months. The Government voted against these proposals.  

There is a global gas price crisis, but 10 years of the Conservative’s failed energy policy- including a failure to invest in nuclear power, insulate homes or regulate the energy market- has left the UK exposed.

Labour are proposing a package of measures to reduce the expected energy price rise in the months ahead, including a VAT cut on home energy bills- saving most households around £200 or more. This would be fully funded by a windfall tax on North Sea Oil and Gas Providers who have profited from rising prices. You can read more about Labour’s proposals here. 

By voting against these proposals, the Government voted against keeping energy bills low. Instead of providing working families with security, they are abandoning them. You can back Labour’s plans to reduce energy bills by signing this petition