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Labour calls out Government record on fraud and waste


Last week there was a debate in Parliament on fraud and Government waste. The Government has an appalling record on both, repeatedly showing a lack of respect for taxpayer’s money.

The Chancellor himself has recently written off £4.3 billion in fraud from the coronavirus business loan scheme and two weeks ago, the Government’s own anti-fraud Minister resigned in protest, saying the Treasury “appear to have no knowledge or little interest in the consequences of fraud to our economy or our society”.

People shouldn’t have to pay for a Tory tax rise which adds to the cost of living crisis when billions are being leaked to fraud or wasted on government mistakes.

In the debate Labour called on the Government to allow the National Crime Agency to investigate these astronomical levels of fraud, and for them to come back with an update on the amount of taxpayer’s funds they’ve clawed back from criminals by the end of the March. You can read more about this here

Labour in Government will set up an independent Office for Value for Money to scrutinise government spending and ensure taxpayers’ cash is being spent well.