Leading Labour, winning again

The Labour Party is electing its new leader. We need someone who understands how to regain people’s trust and support, and who has the vision, experience and courage to be our next Prime Minister.

I think David Miliband is that man.

David came into politics for the right reasons. He is passionate about giving everyone the help they need to get on in life and ensuring power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of ordinary people, not the privileged few.

David is young and energetic, with the gravitas and experience to lead our party and our country. As Minister for Education he set up the Building Schools for the Future programme which has helped transform schools here in Leicester. When he was Environment Secretary he pushed through the Climate Change Bill – the world’s first legally binding framework to cut carbon emissions. As Foreign Secretary David had one of the toughest jobs in Government: standing up for Britain’s interests and pushing for human rights around the world.

The economy is our biggest challenge.  We’ve got to tackle the deficit but at the right pace and in the right way. The cuts should start at the top, not the bottom, which is why I support David’s plans for a mansion tax on £2 million homes rather than slashing support for ordinary families and pensioners.

David has been to Leicester many times and understands the priorities here are boosting jobs, improving education and tackling crime. David will promote jobs and growth through a new industrial policy and support for businesses. He will reward the best and most inspiring teachers to work in the toughest schools and defend the use of CCTV, ASBOs and neighbourhood policing. He also wants to reform welfare to create stronger incentives to work, requiring people on benefits to actively seek work and take jobs when they are available.

People want their politicians to be direct and honest. David always says what he thinks is right, not what he thinks people want to hear. He doesn’t shy away from difficult decisions or backtrack when the going gets tough. These are the hallmarks of a real leader.

Last, but not least, David is the most popular person to lead Labour amongst members of the public. He’s also the leader the Tories most fear. History shows us that Labour spends more than 10 years in opposition when we lose an election. My constituents can’t afford 10 years of the Tory-Liberal Government. Millions of people are depending on Labour to choose a leader who can win again.

That’s why I’m voting for David Miliband.

If you are a member of the Labour Party, an affiliated trade union or Socialist Society, please make sure your voice is heard in this vital election. The ballot closes at 5pm on Tuesday 21 September. You can vote by post or online here.