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Learning from the past to build a fairer future

Political pundits had a field day when Labour announced its election campaign slogan, ‘A future fair for all’, this weekend. The blogosphere tweeted for several hours with criticisms (unpronounceable, old hat, banal) and general mickey-taking (free dodgems and wurlitzers anyone?)

OK, so the phrase is a little bit of a tongue twister. And there are strong echoes of Labour’s previous slogans: ‘the future not the past’; ‘the many not the few’. But having a consistent message about our enduring values, which also draws attention to how different the Tories’ priorities and principles are, is surely the point of a campaign slogan?

I’ve spent a lot of time this week thinking about what we can learn from Labour’s past efforts in our drive to build a fairer future.

This was partly sparked by Harriet Harman’s visit to Leicester West on Wednesday.

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