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Leicestershire MPs call for end of Johnson’s Government following Downing Street party scandal

I, like many others, was outraged to learn of the party held in Downing Street at the height of lockdown.

Leicester was locked down for over a year. People made huge sacrifices to follow the rules, unable to say goodbye to their loved ones and spending Christmas apart from family and friends.

We now know Downing Street held Christmas parties, which the Prime Minister told the rest of us we couldn’t do. We’ve been lied to and laughed at and it’s a total and utter disgrace.

And this isn’t a one off. We’ve seen Boris Johnson’s adviser travelling to Barnard castle pretending he had a problem with his eyesight and his former Health Secretary breaking lockdown rules to have an affair.

The lies, cover ups and incompetence must end. The Prime Minister and the rest of the Tories are taking the public for fools. They are not fit to hold office.

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