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Lidl store gets the go ahead


Lidl have been given permission to build a new store on Fosse Road North, which requires the demolition of what remains of St Augustine Church and the vacant Empire Pub.

Alongside the local ward Councillors, Ted Cassidy and Sue Waddington, I’ve been working hard to make sure that the views of my constituents were put at the heart of this decision. You can read my report here and the planner’s report here.

I know that many will be disappointed that the Empire couldn’t be brought back into use and renovated to its former glory. However, lots of my constituents were in favour of the Lidl proposal and I’ll now be working to maximize the benefits for local people. I am very pleased that the elected Councillors on the Planning and Development Control Committee added a condition to the planning permission, which requires Lidl to produce a local jobs plan for every stage of this development and I’ll now be working with them to ensure that the jobs go tos my constituents.