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Liz backs compulsory jobs guarantee

[13/03/2014 | No comment]


Ever since I was elected, one of my top priorities has been helping my constituents get the skills and jobs they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.

So I’m really pleased that Labour has announced our plans for a compulsory jobs guarantee. This will make sure that all young people who have been on unemployment benefit for a year, and all adults over the age of 25 who have been on unemployment benefit for two years, are offered a job. But it will be a tough contract – those who can work will be required to take up the offer, or lose their benefits.

Labour will fund this plan by taxing bank bonuses and restricting pensions tax relief for people who earn over £150,000 a year. After the global banking crisis and with bank bonuses soaring again this year, I think it’s fair that we pay for jobs for our young people by a proper bank bonus tax.


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