Liz calls for ban on EDL march

[23/09/2010 | 1 Comment]

I’ve been in active and regular contact with the City Council and police since the English Defence League announced their intention to march in Leicester. Now that the EDL have applied to Leicestershire Constabulary to march in the city on Saturday 9th October, I am strongly urging the Council to apply to the Home Secretary for a ban.

I am proud to be a Member of Parliament for one of the most diverse cities in Britain.
The EDL cannot and will not affect Leicester’s long history of community cohesion which the City Council, voluntary, community and faith groups, local public services and businesses have worked hard to build and maintain.

I also fully support plans for a peaceful event that will show that the vast majority of people in Leicester are strong and united in their opposition to racism and discrimination of all forms and that the EDL is not welcome here.

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  • Former EDL said:

    Its pretty much pointless banning a march and then allowing them to hold a static protest as the problems will be exactly the same.The EDL is very clever at hiding its true aims.Rather than “peacefully protesting at radical Islam” its real intention is to start a race war on Britaim’s streets.The only effective way of dealing with it is for the organisation to become proscribed in the same way as the British Union of Fascists was in the thirties.

    The organisation has no real policy at all,just turns up at demonstrations,shouts “Engerland” and some rather obscene stuff that is unfit to put on this blog.After this it usually gets into a fight provided it can break through police lines.Its just football hooliganism aimed at Muslims rather than at another football firm.

    Thankfully we didn’t have a riot last Saturday but sooner or later the police won’t be able to hold this mob back and we will end up with one of the worst riots ever seen on Britain’s streets.So if you are in a postion to get this rag bag army banned do so as soon as possible.

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