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Liz calls for NHS reform on Times Radio


On Sunday, I was invited on to Times Radio to speak about NHS reform. Labour are the guardians of the NHS. But that means, as well as extra investment and more staff, the NHS needs to change.

We are pledging the biggest expansion of the NHS workforce in its history – doubling the number of medical school places, 10,000 more nursing and midwife placements and 5,000 more district nurses. But the NHS needs to change. We’ve got more people living longer and with long term chronic conditions and that means we have to have a big shift in the focus on the debate – away from hospitals and about what support we get in the community and at home to prevent people from getting long term conditions in the first place or to help them living well at home if they do. We need to change primary and community care.

Listen back here from approximately 9 minutes onwards.