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Liz calls on Government to protect Healthcare rights for patients after Brexit

Today, I called on the Government to protect the healthcare rights of patients travelling in the EU after Brexit. Without these vital protections, people who are on holiday or are visiting an EU member state for business will no longer be able to access free healthcare and will have to buy health insurance to make sure they are covered.

This could leave many people unable to travel, as they are excluded from getting insurance because of an underlying health condition. For example, Kidney Care UK say that 30,000 people on dialysis can currently travel throughout Europe and receive their dialysis free of charge – but this treatment isn’t covered by travel insurance, and without reciprocal healthcare agreements, will cost up to £1,000 per week.

The Prime Minister spent the last general election saying he had an ‘oven ready deal’. But on healthcare arrangements, as in so many other areas, that deal is so far nowhere to be seen.

Holiday makers, business people, patient groups, health care professionals and NHS organisations urgently need clarity. The Government must deliver. You can read my full speech about this here or you can listen here.