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Liz champions better housing for people with dementia

Brite event photoWhen we talk about people’s health we usually think about the role of GPs, ambulances and hospitals but the reality is that other services and support can have a big impact on a person’s wellbeing.

I recently hosted a round table discussion at the Brite Centre to look at the links between health and housing, focusing on people with dementia.

There are currently 1,720 people diagnosed with dementia in Leicester but a further 1670 people are thought to have the condition without a diagnosis. At our meeting, we talked about training local housing officers so that they can spot the signs of dementia and sign-post their tenants to the right support early on.

60% of people with dementia enter hospital from their own home but just 36% return home after discharge often because their homes don’t have the right adaptations, like grab rails and stair lifts, or the right support like home care to help people with dementia get up washed dressed and fed.

By joining up services I’m convinced that we can make a big difference to the lives of people with dementia in our city.