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Liz comments on the Government’s social care action plan

For millions of elderly and disabled people and their families, actions will speak louder than words. We need a clear and detailed plan about how – and by when – the Government is going to test more than 1.2 million frontline social care workers, up from only 505 who have been tested so far. This must include home care staff and Personal Assistants employed through direct payments, as well as those working in care homes.

It is essential that people who are discharged from hospital into care homes are now going to be tested, but the Government must spell out how and where those who are tested positive will be effectively isolated, and where the resources for this will come from.

More still needs to be done to ensure enough PPE regularly gets to frontline staff, who are desperate not to infect the elderly and disabled people they care for, or their own families. There are too many reports across the country that this vital protective equipment still isn’t getting through.

You can watch my interview on BBC News about the Government’s social care action plan here.