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Liz discusses hospital pressures on ITV News

We have all seen the pressure facing the NHS in recent weeks with our hospitals facing extreme pressure. But I was really concerned to hear the Chief Executive of one hospital speaking about the support and care available at his Trust. I think patients across the country will be terrified hearing the people who run our hospitals speaking of them in this way.

I spoke out on ITV News and you can watch the clip in full above.

Labour has a 10-year plan for investment and reform in our NHS and social care. It includes the biggest ever expansion of the NHS workforce, funded by scrapping non-dom tax status; ensuring that patients can see the doctor they want in the manner they want, whether that is face to face, over the phone or online; a new deal for care workerso tackle staff shortages and give older and disabled people the support they need. Above all, we will have a relentless focus on prevention and early intervention. There will be a new principle of home first, shifting the focus of care out of hospitals and into the community, with more people being cared for in their own home, which is where they want to be.