Liz responds to Autumn Statement

The chancellor’s statement laid bare the consequences of 12 years of Conservative economic mismanagement and their disastrous mini budget.
The Tories have crashed our economy and ordinary people are paying the price in higher mortgages, rents and bills. Averages wages are lower now than 12 years ago, and we are heading into a recession.
Yet today, the Tories only gave us more of the same: higher taxes on working people, lower investment in public services, and no proper plan for growth. This didn’t work before and it won’t work now.
Labour would make different choices so that the wealthiest people – like non noms and bankers – and the energy giants pay their fair share of tax.
And our plan for growth would back the efforts and talents of working people and businesses, creating half a million new jobs in renewable energy, fixing business rates, championing skills and helping new companies start up and grow.