Liz reveals 1 in 3 hospitals are in the red, and Leicester’s hospital has the biggest deficit in the country

east mids today 2The NHS is going backwards under this Government. It’s getting harder to see the GP, patients are waiting longer in A&E and waits for vital cancer tests and treatments are getting longer too.

The Government has also lost grip of the NHS’s finances. My research shows that across the country, Trusts are in deficit for the first time since the General Election. More than one in three hospitals are in the red, up from one in ten in 2010. Our hospital in Leicester has the highest deficit n the country, at a staggering £40 million.

David Cameron promised that he would protect the NHS, but instead his disastrous backroom reorganisation has wasted £3 billion and thrown the NHS into chaos.

You can read coverage of this story in the Guardian and the Independent, and I also appeared on the BBC’s East Midlands Today on Wednesday 18 June. You can watch this again here (the story starts at around three minutes in).