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Liz speaks at Progressive Britain conference fringe

It was a pleasure to speak at Progressive Britain’s conference fringe, ‘Rebuilding Labour and the Nation’. Progressive Britain commissioned a report on how voters view Labour, and how Labour can rebuild trust with the country, and I was invited to reflect and contribute my thoughts on this.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from recent history, it’s that voters are volatile and that politics can change quickly. It is not enough to simply attack the Tories and hope they fail – we need to show we have changed.

Labour is most successful when we focus on what matters to voters, rather than us telling them what to care about. We need a positive and optimistic vision for the future, rather than looking to the past, and ensure we appeal to a wide range of voters, not just those who already vote for us.

You can read the ‘Rebuilding Labour and the Nation’ report here.