Liz speaks at TUC Pensions Conference

It was a pleasure to speak at the TUC Pensions Conference in London today.

After fourteen years of failure, the Tories have run out of road. They are no longer the Party for pensioners. Labour will be.

You can read my speech in full here.

In the speech, I outlined Labour’s commitment:

For future pensioners – we will have a relentless focus on creating more, better paid jobs in every part of the country; helping people get work and get on in their work; and championing decent second pensions for all, so everyone can prepare for their retirement with confidence.

And for current pensioners – we are on your side.

Labour is determined to once again be the Pensioners Party.

We will never play fast and loose with the economy, or put the nation’s financial stability at risk.

We will tackle the cost of living crisis and work tirelessly to give you the security in retirement you need and deserve. You have worked hard for this country and we’ll never stop working for you in return.