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Liz speaks up for British grandparents

[10/07/2012 | No comment]

On Thursday 28 June I had the pleasure of speaking at an event organised by a fantastic charity called Grandparents Plus, which champions the vital role grandparents play in the UK.

I spoke about the huge contribution grandparents make to their families and communities, our economy and society as whole.

Almost a quarter of British grandparents are still in employment – a much higher proportion than elsewhere in Europe. Far more grandparents look after their grandchildren permanently and full time in this country. 28% of British grandparents also have their own parents still alive too.

I think we need to do more to support grandparents, particularly those who are working and helping to care for their grandchildren or elderly parents, and looking after their grandkids permanently and full time. You can read my speech about these issues below.

Liz Kendall MP’s speech to Grandparents Plus 28th June 2012


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