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Liz champions carers in Parliament

Last week I spoke in a really important Parliamentary debate about carers.

We were discussing an excellent Private Members Bill introduced by my colleague Barbara Keeley MP which aims to ensure that Britain’s six million unpaid carers get the full range of advice, services, and practical help they need. The Bill would help ensure family members who look after their loved ones are better supported in their caring responsibilities, but also have their wider needs acknowledged such as getting and keeping a job, skills and training. The Bill would also help ensure schools, colleges and universities and the NHS do more to identify carers, particularly young carers who are too often left to struggle on their own.

The Bill was sadly talked out of time by Conservative MPs and will now have to wait a few months until it can come back to the floor of the House. I do hope, however, that the Government will recognize the great value of the ideas and solutions proposed by this Bill, and include them in their upcoming Care and Support Bill.

You  can read my speech here or watch a video of it here.