Liz speaks with councillors about social care

I recently took part in a webinar on health and social care hosted by the Local Government Association. It was a great opportunity to hear from councillors across the country about how they have dealt with Covid-19 in local government, and what they believe is needed as we emerge from the pandemic.

Coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on our health and social care system, placing social care, the NHS and public health all under pressures not previously seen before. Whilst central government has made disastrous decisions such as deciding to discharge patients from hospitals to care homes without Covid-19 tests and not being ready with enough PPE for the NHS and the rest of the public sector who needs it, local government has stepped up to the challenge, looking after vulnerable residents who are shielding and getting supplies of PPE from local schools and businesses.

As we move into the recovery phase from Covid-19, local government will continue to play a leading role in ensuring that public health and social care are delivering in their local communities. You can find out more about the LGA and the work they do with councils here.‚Äč