Liz visits community groups across Aylestone

On Friday I spent the day in Aylestone meeting with local community groups to introduce herself ahead of the next General Election which will see Aylestone move into Leicester West as part of the Parliamentary Boundary Review.

I spent time time at the local foodbank which is located at the Gilmorton Community Rooms and is run by Alan Potter and his wife, Carole. The foodbank has been running for 11 years and helps 30 people on a fortnightly basis.

I then held a meeting with a number of local community groups to discuss how they support the local community and the issues that they are facing in the local area.

The groups included:

  • The owners of the Black Horse, Alan & Sarah who played a key role in supporting the community during the pandemic
  • Aylestone Meadows Appreciation Society who protect, preserve and promote Aylestone Meadows
  • St Andrews Church represented ‘Churches together in Aylestone’ who have organised community events in the area as a way to engage with local people Aylestone Community Events who lit up Aylestone during Christmas
  • A local action group who produces floral displays for the area and keep green spaces clean and tidy
  • Aylestone Park Resident Group

I know that Aylestone is a tight knit community and my visit has highlighted the commitment of the foodbank, community groups and the local pub and how much people care about the area they live in. I will be proud to become Aylestone’s MP if re-elected at the next General Election.