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Liz visits Community Leicester Arthritis Self Help group

I recently met people with arthritis at a computer class organised by Community Leicester Arthritis Self Help (CLASH).

Knowing how to use email and the internet can be really important for arthritis suffers, who often find it hard to get out and about, as these are a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family and finding out what’s going on. (We also had a good discussion about the latest smart phones!)

Self help groups like CLASH play a vital role in helping people with arthritis, bringing them together so they can share their experiences about what its like living with a long term condition. One of the things I learnt is that keeping warm is vital for arthritis suffers, as the cold makes people’s arthritis feel worse. The high cost of heating bills is a real problem, and I think the Government must do more to try and bring these bills down.

CLASH has a fantastic website outlining the support they offer so if you, or any of your family or friends suffer from arthritis do get in touch with CLASH as they could really help.